@daisysoneworld provides more than entertainment. If you succeed, we succeed.

Working along side @daisysoneworld you will receive full management of the entire performance.

Inquire about our full service package; we can help you find the full line-up, sound, and lighting. 



We take the lead on the Entertainment Side of the House so you don't have to

Daisy and team have managed over 50 major events from choosing the full line up, to managing the full entertainment needs start to finish. Master of Ceremonies experience adding a spunk of theater, comedy, and a twist of femininity. Prior to managing entertainment she was a manager in aerospace. Very organized and always providing continuous improvement notes after each event. Focuses on building relationships and collaborating with future teams.

Solo / Group Dance Entertainment

Alt-Rock Band

Various Performers


Live Art

Spark an Event with out of this world Entertainment

Choose the genere, the props, the look among a variety of styles

@daisysoneworld adapts to your event and interacts with your crowd. Family friendly movements to the level of comfort you choose. Specializes in parades, festivals, and large ballroom galas.

MOV is a worldwide alternative rock band with a strong Steampunk, Halloweenisque, Convention, dark Victorian clean cut style. Great for large abstract events like Rock Festivals, Fashion Shows, Artist Community Events. They are reliable professional artist with ambitions beyond the DFW area. Willing to travel all over the world. Contact me know for rider information and rates. 

Variety of Theatrical Performances

We have created movement screenplays, some with full storylines, some comical. Always willing to create a customized act catered to your event as well.

Choose from our packages:

Tameless Katz

Can Can Boop


LED Magic

Checkered Doll

Creatures of The Moor


Live Art

Watch me transform a blank canvas into a world beyond boundaries. This is a popular event at Charity Gala Events and I typically off the finished painting up for the end of the night auction. Live painting can be part of a combo pack.