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Choose your pricing plan

  • Travel Private Class

    Per Session @client location*
    • Individual guidance at your own pace
    • Customized lessons for your specific needs
    • *Additional charges for travel over 20 miles from Hurst
  • Digital Training

    Every month
    All Access to lessons/drills available online
    • Unlimited digital access to all public training material
  • DOW Dance Crew

    Every month
    DOW Performer*
    • Unlimited access to class material and all choregraphies.
    • Practices Skill Share Dance Studio Gigs Costumes, Supplies
    • *Must be approved by leadership prior to purchase
  • Resident Go-Go Plan

    Every week
    Weekly Go-Go
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 2 Go-Go dancers every Friday Saturday
    • Performance Time: 11pm-2am
    • Attire: Go-Go upscale spicy
    • The DOW LLC Team will promote and dance with multi-props
  • Supporter of DOW

    Every month
    We appreciate your desire to support our Artistry
    • Artists Appreciation
    • Newsletter of Spending Goodies
    • Videos of us sporting outfits
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